Double Head Lathes

These lathes are provided with a KND K100Ti-B CNC system. Provided with double head these machines offer a good precision. They focus the work at the center of the work piece. Provided with on board memory and programmable interface along with color TFT screen, they are efficient in delivering prompt results. Double head lathes two window based work center. The other additional features provided are the programmable tail stock, AC spindle drive, metric/inch conversion, online help, etc. We are manufacturer, exporter, and supplier that provide optimum quality double head lathes for our customers that have cost efficiency also apart from work efficiency. Thus by reducing the manual labour and increasing the work production with minimum erroneous products, these lathes are being used much in the industry. The machine can work autonomously after the instructions are set through the programmable interface and hence stop after completing the production cycle. Thus these lathes provided by us are of optimum quality and can be purchased at optimum prices.
Double Head CNC Lathe
Product Code :- ST-30